IP Reputation checker

Check the reputation of any IP address.

Examples:     SSHD brute force     log4j (jndi) attack logs

Results for

       "ip":  "",
       "reverse":  "static.88-198-24-108.clients.your-server.de",
       "as_number":  "24940",
       "as_name":  "HETZNER-AS,  DE",
       "country_code":  "DE",
       "country":  "Germany",
       "usage":  {
               "is_pingable":  true,
               "is_webserver":  false,
               "is_routable":  true,
               "is_tor":  false,
               "is_proxy":  true,
               "details":  "IP  listed  as  an  open  public  proxy  or  VPN.",
               "is_hosting":  true,
               "is_bogon":  false
       "reputation":  {
               "web_spam":  false,
               "web_attacks":  false,
               "botnet":  false,
               "email_spam":  false,
               "brute_force":  false,
               "ddos":  false
       "recommendations":  {
               "block_traffic":  false,
               "block_registrations":  true,
               "block_comments":  true,
               "details":  "Traffic  from  Tor  and  public  Proxies  are  often  used  by  spammers."
Developer Mode & Terms of Use

Our API have a restriction of 200 queries per day. If you need more, please contact sales@noc.org and we will provide an API key with higher limits.

The API format is very simple and all you have to do is call our /api/ URL and provide the IP Address via a GET parameter. We will return a HTTP 200 with a json-encoded result on success or 400 HTTP error code if you provided an invalid domain or we are unable to process the request for any reason.

We believe that an example is worth a thousand words, so two examples should be enough:

Success result:
$ curl -D - https://reputation.noc.org/api/?ip=

Error result:
$ curl -D - https://reputation.noc.org/api/?ip=invalidip

If you have any questions about the API, let us know.